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Broomball players on the ice

What is Broomball anyway?!?

Broomball originated in Canada in the early 1900's and has grown into a popular sport on all levels with youth, men, women and co-ed teams playing competitively and recreationally. Ice-Plex Escondido provides the brooms and the ball, you bring the fun!

All skill levels can play!

  • Youth groups (4 yrs+ recommended)
  • Adults/Co-ed teams
  • Group and organizations or Birthday and holiday parties
  • Team building and corporate events
  • Up to 50 people can play at a time!
  • Unlimited number of people can rotate in. Pay per hour instead of per person!
  • Affordable packages are available

Can't Skate? Try Broomball!

Don’t think you can ice skate? Ice-Plex is STILL the best place for group fun! Broomball is a game played on the ice, but in your sneakers! Late night games are a favorite with youth groups and Scout troops. We welcome groups of all ages! Organizers love the price! Book your broomball party today!

Broomball is great group entertainment and individual exercise that's played on the ice with rules and strategies similar to hockey. Team players strike a ball the size of a small soccer ball with specially designed brooms and try to score goals into a net guarded by a goal-tender. The brooms are made of solid molded rubber, and are perfect for “sweeping your team to victory!”

Ice-Plex provides the brooms and the ball, you bring the fun! Contact group sales at 760-489-5550 ext. 305 or email Connie Turner to book your event.

Thanks to Maranatha Chapel for sharing their experience!